Show Results

01/05/2006 -Banbury & District Open Show
Alfross Grizinas Loki At Shalfoi  (Tugg )  B.O.B. and RES BEST IN SHOW

29/04/2006 - WELKS CH Show
Alfross Grizinas Iduna (Fendi ) Bitch CC

11/03/2006 - CRUFTS 2006
1st PGB  Saffie ( Alfross Grizinas Volsunga ) and  2nd JD Frodo ( Alfross AktaIna Addran ) & Noola ( Alfross Kawkawa ) 1st JB


ALFROSS AKTAINA AADRAD 2ND puppy dog ALFROSS GRIZINAS VOLSUNGA 1st PGbitch Banbury & dist ALFROSS AKTAINA AADRAD 1st junior & best puppy.

Birmingham national CH show

1st minor puppy bitch -ALFROSS KAWAKAW (Noola)
1st graduate bitch ALFROSS GRIZINAS VOLSUNGA (Saffie)
1st post grad bitch ALFROSS GRIZINAS IDUNA (Fendi)
1st open bitch FINCH BJORNTASSEN DIANA (Ina)
1st puppy dog ALFROSS AKTA INAS AADRAD ( Mr Frodo)

 Gildassan Careless Whisper at Alfross
Fiscas won many awards at Championship Shows, some of the major ones are listed below. He was also one of the 1st Leonbergers to pass A and B and C water tests. He also enjoyed carting.

Best in Show - Leonberger Club Show
Reserve Best Dog - Leonberger Club Show
Best of Breed - Peterborough CH Show.

 Yilya the Wrail at Alfross
Inga was successful at the following shows.

 Alfross Dark Destiny
Zeeta excelled at obedience but was also successful at the following shows.

 Alfross Claxby Plunchacre
Jaeger had many Best of Breed wins at Open Shows. He was Reserve Best Dog at Crufts. He excelled at water training and has passed A and B tests.

 Alfross Guilden Morden
Shoulagan was little shown but enjoyed success.

2nd Crusfts. Reserve Best Bitch.

 Alfross Acers Abracadabra
Otto was Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts. He was consistently placed at shows, but enjoys staying at home now. He passed A water tests and A and B carting tests.

 Alfross Shoulagans Donarta
Cleo mostly takes part in obedience but is sometimes shown.

1st PGB Club Show 2004

 Helkenna Aroura at Alfross

Lightning is a multi-show winner, some of her wins are:-

Best Puppy - Windows 2001
Best Bitch - Blackpool 2002
Best Puppy & Group 3 - Malvern 2001
Best Bitch - Richmond 2002
Res Best Bitch - Darlington 2001
Res Best Bitch - LKA 2001
Best Bitch - Darlington 2002
1st Crufts 2003
Best in Show - Leonberger Club Show 2002
Res CC - Brimingham 2003
Res CC - Birmingha 2004
Best Bitch - Druffield 2003
Best of Breed - Leeds 2003
Res Best Bitch - Blackpool 2004
Res Best Bitch CC - Crufts 2004

 Vinule Star of Charruca at Alfross

Heidi is little shown but her wins include:-

1st Crufts 2003
1st Crufts 2004
1st Malvern 2003
1st East of England 2002
1st Malvern 2002

 Alfross Grizina Volsunga

Saffie has won the following in her 1st 6 months of showing:-

1st graduate bitch - Birmingham national CH show
Best Bitch - Edinburgh Sep 2004 (only 14 months old)
Best Puppy - Coventry 2004
Res Best Puppy - Malvern 2004
1st Puppy Bitch - Club Show 2004
2nd Puppy Bitch - Wales 2004
1st and Best Puppy - Blackpool 2004
1st Junior Bitch - Leeds 2004

Also, congratulations to Saffies litter sisters Fendi and Finty with Finty Best Bitch at Peterborough at only 13 months of age and their other wins.

 Alfross Grizinas Iduna

Fendi has won the following:-

1st post grad bitch - Birmingham national CH show

 Alfross Kawkawa

Noola has won the following:-

Birmingham national CH show - 1st minor puppy bitch

SKC - 1st puppy bitch

 Alfross Shoulagans Sulienal (Kwento)

Res Best Dog at Peterborough

Our Imports

 Swe & Finch Dragongardens Akta Alvis

Barracks many wins include:-

Dog CC - Crufts 2002
Best of Breed - Blackpool
Best of Breed - South Wales

Best Dog - Welks

His offspring are consistently successfully in the show ring.

 Dragongardens Outstanding Oliver

Ollie has been here only 1 year, his wins include:-

Best of Breed - 2003
1st Club Show 2003

 Fin Ch Borntassen Diana

Ina's wins include:-

1st open bitch - Birmingham national CH show
Best Bitch - Malvern 2003
Res & Best Bitch - Wales 2004