Litters planned at Alfross

Plans for 2007

The mating with Fendi ( Alfross Grizinas Iduna )( FINCH Bjorntassen Diana x INTCH Grizzly vom Dreiburgerland ) Saffies sister & Balou has proved to be a great success so far !!!!!

Kwenobe Balfen Hallanta ( Lanta ) was best puppy at NW&PB show his sister Kwenobe Balfen Cherika ( owned by Alison Stafford ) was 1st puppy bitch.

Picture left: Lanta

Kwenobe Balfen Chaska was 2nd male Puppy , at the Derby show Chaska was best puppy & GROUP 1 !!!! .

Chaska & Lanta are bred & owned by Bev & Pete Helliwell

Picture left: Chaska


Alfross Grizinas Volsunga ( Saffie ) Hips 5:4 total 9 , elbows clear , character assessed , and Memicedaiska Pamelousan Balou ( Holland ) all relavent tests from the Dutch Club .

Please see the Memicedaiska web site link, and Saffie on the Our Dogs page , serious enquires to book your puppy call or e-mail.

Saffie's dam is FINCH Bjorntassen Diana (import ) and INTCH Grizzly Von Dreiburgenland (Sweden) and she will be mated to Memicedaiska Pamelausan Balou ( Holland ) sire- INTCH Barney Von Der Johann-Adams Muhle X Memicedaiska L'Unique - Balou Is H:D -A ,eyes Clear , character Assessed to conform to the Dutch Club

Plans for 2006

27th Oct 2006

Scotiasky Morning Glory & Alfross Grizinas Loki for Shalfoi (9 puppies ).
Please see the website for their litter by Alfross Grizinas Loki For Shalfoi


Picture left : Tug

ALFROSS GRIZINAS IDUNA ( Fendi )  owned by  Bev & Pete Helliwell

We are indeed privileged that the owners and breeder of MEMICEDAISKA PAMELAUSAN BALOU have agreed that Fendi can visit Balou , and we hope to have puppies early June , to find out more about Balou visit his breeders web site (  Fendi and Balou have 11 puppies !!!!!  All doing well and off to their new homes soon.  2 will go to Holland and 1 to Sweden.  We hope to have pictures to show you soon.